About Me


I’m Ms. Mirco, your 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher for the 2013-14 school year! This is my 9th year teaching at Mint Hill Middle School, and I have enjoyed every minute of it! Originally from Chicago, Illinois, I moved to Charlotte fresh out of college. Eight years have now passed, and my whole family is now here with me, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m the youngest of three girls, and my two sisters are my best friends! Recently, this past March, I got engaged to be married and will get married next August. I also have a puppy, named Hamlet, that joined the family in March as well!


I love to drink coffee in the morning, so don’t be surprised if you see a mug in my hand each day. I also love to cook, share recipes I have made, and try new ones as well. Another pastime I enjoy is reading, especially some of the popular books kids are reading. I’ll take recommendations any time, and I’ll recommend some, too! Some would say I am also a little bit of a TV fanatic. I love nothing more than to relax on the couch and watch one of my favorite shows. Lastly, I love to go camping, hiking, fishing, or anything in the mountains. My favorite thing to do is drive up to my parents’ mountain home for a quick weekend getaway. Most of all, I love to travel, especially to the beach! I could spend all day lying on the beach, listening to ocean waves hit the shore.

Of course, I love working with kids. I grew up babysitting, and I even nannied for a family with two small girls for 6 years! In high school, I ran summer camps, and it was because of my early experiences working with children that I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Another inspiration has been my sister, who is also in education. While in college, I was able to observe her teaching, and she inspired me to form relationships with my students, and that is something I continue to strive to do each year, and each day. After college, I had the unique opportunity to teach at Mint Hill with my sister. It was a time I will never forget. Today, my sister is the new Principal of Piney Grove Elementary School, and I am beyond proud of her accomplishments. Because of her, I am inspired to continue to grow as an educator and as a person each day. I hope I can bring some of that inspiration to you this school year!

Email: jeana.mirco@cms.k12.nc.usPhone Number: 980-343-5439
Teaching License Teaching Certificate (June 2005)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (May 2005)