Social Studies Notebook 1st Quarter Table of Contents

P.1 - Introduction to Social Studies Unit Cover Page (U.C.P.)
P.1a - ABC's of World History
P.1b - Multiple Intelligences Survey
P.1c - Map Skills Worksheet
P.1d - Class Rules Quiz
P.1e - Get Coordinated!
P.1f - An Island of Your Own
P.1g - Using Latitude and Longitude
P.1h - Spot the Sunken Ship!
P.1i - A Geographer's World!
P.1j - Location, Location!
P.1k - Latitude/Longitude Review Worksheet
P.1L - Reading Between the Lines Worksheet
P.1m - Geography Basics Video Questions
P.1n - Map Skills Packet
P.1o - Reading A Map Activity
P.1p - Geography Basics Worksheet
P.1q - Map Skills Quiz
P.2 - Scientific Revolution U.C.P.
P.2a - Scientific Revolution Chapter Questions
P.2b - Scientist Project
P.2c - Scientific Revolution Study Guide
P.2d - Scientific Revolution Test
P.3 - Enlightenment U.C.P
P.3a - Roots of Enlightenment GIST
P.3b - Enlightenment Chapter Questions
P.3c - Venn Diagram
P.3d - Enlightenment Thinkers Activity
P.3e - The Enlightenment Spreads Chapter Questions
P.3f - The Enlightenment Spreads WS
P.3g - American Revolution Chapter Questions
P.3h - American Revolution WS
P.3i - French Revolution Chapter Questions
P.3j - French Revolution Map WS
P.3k - Reign of Terror Chapter Questions
P.3L - Study Guide
P.3m - Enlightenment Test
P.4 - The Age of Napoleon U.C.P.
P.4a - The Age of Napoleon Notes

P.4b - Q2 Common Assessment Study Guide
P.4c - Napoleon Video Questions
P.4d - Napoleon BrainPop Worksheet (You can find student log-in info on my wiki)
P.4e - Q1 Common Assessment
P.5 - Nationalism U.C.P.
P.5a - Nationalism Packet (4 files below)

P.5b - Nationalism Warm-Up
P.5c - Nationalism Notes
P.5d - New Ideas in Politics WS
P.5e - Nationalism Poster Project
P.5f - New Ideas in Politics Map WS
P.5g - Nationalism Study Guide
P.5h - Nationalism Quiz