P.11 - World War I U.C.P.
P.11a - Warm-Up: Alliances Scenario
P.11b - Causes of WWI Notes
P.11c - Causes of WWI Video
P.11d - Causes of WWI Chart
P.11e - Warm-Up: Military Chart
P.11f - WWI Notes
P.11g - Trench Warfare (see files below)

P.11h - WWI: The Western Front Video
P.11i - Outcomes of WWI Note
P.11j - Treaty of Versailles Activity
P.11k - World War I Study Guide
P.11L - Q3 Common Assessment
P.12 - World War II U.C.P.
P.12a - WWII Notes - Causes
P.12b - When They Came For Me...
P.12c - Hitler's Fatal Gamble
P.12d - Pearl Harbor: A Day of Infamy
P.12e - Where in the World War?
P.12f - Dr. Seuss & WWII
P.12g - WWII by the Numbers
P.12h - WWII Notes: U.S. Involvement
P.12i - WWI & WWII Study Guide
P.12j - WWI & WWII Test
P.13 - Colonial Independence
P.13a - EOY Preparation Warm-Ups
P.13b - Colonial Independence in India Chapter Directions (use files below to complete)

P.13c - Colonial Independence in Africa Chapter Directions (use files below to complete)