Classroom Rules
  1. Be on time for class.
  2. Treat everyone and their property with respect.
  3. Have your supplies ready.
  4. Pay attention in class.
  5. Follow directions.
  6. Ask for help when you need it.
  7. Participate positively in class activities.
  8. Always try to do your best.
  9. Follow all school rules.
  10. Start fresh everyday with a positive attitude!

Classroom Procedures
  • Enter the classroom quickly and quietly.
  • Drop schoolbag at desk and wait in line to get your Homework Grid
  • Return to your desk and take out:
  • Writing Utensil
  • Planner/Agenda
  • Social Studies Notebook
  • Copy down the homework assignment
  • Begin Warm-Up
  • Raise your hand to ask to speak, unless given other instructions
  • Ask permission to get out of seat for any reason, unless given other instructions
  • Go to the Homework Center for extra Homework Grids, to check the homework calendar, or to pick up missing work from a day your were absent
  • Follow the signs on the doors for entering/exiting the classroom
  • If you have a question, try to quietly ask your neighbor first before you ask me (But I am always available to help!)