Welcome to Seventh Grade Social Studies
Social Studies Common Exam June 2nd
Social Studies Notebooks:
The purpose of the Social Studies Notebook is to enable the student to be organized and prepared for class each day. Social Studies Notebooks will be used for class notes, class assignments, reading notes and handouts, and for preparing for tests and quizzes. Additionally, all formal and informal assessments will be saved and attached inside of the notebook.
Grading Policy:

Formal Assessments: 55 %
  • A test will be administered with every unit covered
  • Various in- and out-of class projects will be assigned throughout each quarter.

Informal Assessments: 35%
  • Students may have a map quiz based on the region they are studying. They may also have a quiz in the middle of each chapter (depending on the length of the chapter). If they have a journal question, they are to keep it in the interactive notebook to be graded
  • Includes any assignment in their interactive notebooks - excluding journal entries – such as: class notes, foldable graphic organizers, and workbook/worksheet assignments.
  • Students have homework assigned Monday through Friday, but never on weekends or holidays.
  • Students use a 4 week homework grid to keep track of assignments.

Homework: 10%

  • Students will be assigned homework nightly. Due to the A/B Day Schedule, students will receive homework on Fridays; however, those assignments will not be due until the following Tuesday.
  • Homework assignments can be accessed on this page under the Homework Tab

Behavior/Conduct: 0%
  • A behavior grade will be posted in Parent Assist. This is updated weekly for parents to see how their child is behaving in my class. Though the behavior grade is listed along with academic grades, the behavior grade is not weighted and has no impact on the child’s academic grade. The behavior is ranked on the following scale according to CMS policy:
1 = excellent
2 = satisfactory
3 = needs improvement
4 = unsatisfactory
Late/Makeup Work:

Late and makeup work will be accepted according to CMS policy. No late or makeup work will be accepted after the end of the quarter in which it was due. All late work will be recorded on their homework grids, and stamped inside planner.
Materials Needed Daily:

  • SS Notebook
  • Student Agenda/Planner
  • Writing Utensil (Pen or Pencil)
  • Glue/tape